Michele Little and Nicki Engebretsen

Michele Little, of Pacific Coast Permanent Cosmetics has been practicing the art of cosmetic tattooing since 1992. She has spent the past 20 years acquiring knowledge, learning new techniques and honing her skills. Her background in Cosmetology and color theory as well as commercial art training has contributed greatly to her success in this field.

Michele has taught cosmetic tattooing privately and at professional conventions over many years sharing her talent and knowledge with others.
Michele’s friendly personality makes it easy to talk to her as well as work with. Each procedure is discussed in length to ensure the client will feel comfortable with the end result. Clients are involved with the complete process from beginning to end. Nothing will be done without your permission.

Nicki Engebretsen’s
passion for permanent makeup began 20 
plus years ago while working with renowned makeup artist Thomas DeLeeuw – makeup artist to the stars.  During school, Nicki became a nationally certified pharmacy technician and specialized in diabetes care. She soon found her medical background and talent for makeup artistry were a perfect combination. 12 years ago in 2005 she trained at Permanent Choices in Northern California. This began her career combining her knowledge of health, safety and care with her passion for makeup and beauty.

Nicki has participated in the production of various training videos. She has  trained and demonstrated technique at

the top industry conventions. Nicki apprenticed under Michele Little and has become one of San Diego’s leading permanent makeup technicians. Her work speaks for itself.

Her clients are now to say how confident and comfortable Nicki made them feel and ask , why didn’t I do this long ago!?


The Eyes Have It! Give your eyes a lift with a touch of make-up that stays….permanently!
By Carol LeBeau
2/19/2015 3:45:21 PM


Michele Little and Carol LeBeau


If my house were on fire, before running from the burning building, I’d grab my cat, antidepressant meds and eyeliner…in that order!

I may be exaggerating just a bit (Tom would certainly be on the list) but I really do love my cat, Bing…can’t get along without my mood meds and I desperately need eyeliner!

Seriously, first thing in the morning or after a swim, I look like a cadaver! What’s worse, several of my swim pals look great climbing out of the pool. For years, I thought God had simply blessed them with well-defined eyes…until they finally copped to the truth.

You guessed it. Permanent eye make-up!

After years of “thinking” about it, I finally took the plunge. As a Christmas gift to myself, I recently had an eyelash enhancement procedure…and I LOVE it!

My friends with perpetually pretty eyes highly recommended San Diego cosmetic tattoo artist, Michele Little. (michelelittle.com)

I’m glad they did. With twenty-two years of experience, confidence and super-steady hands, Michele slowly transformed my pale eye line into one that makes me look more awake…more alive…without makeup!

The process is much like getting a tattoo. But in this case, Michele applies the ink with a “liner” needle. It’s actually a group of three tiny needles very close together that trap the ink (I chose black/brown) inside the cluster. Each time the needle penetrates the skin, a droplet of pigment is released into the hole the needle makes.

Rather than a solid line of eye color, I chose what’s called lash enhancement, for which shades of color are placed in a sprinkle or line at the base of the eyelash hairs only. The result? My lashes actually appear darker and thicker and the overall look is more natural.

There was little or no discomfort…mostly a “tickling” sensation…thanks to the lidocaine gel Michele applied. No bleeding or bruising, but the next two days, I was a little puffy and felt like I’d had a good cry.

It looked dark and shiny at first, but within days, the top layer of pigment flaked off…leaving behind a soft, subtle eye line. For special occasions, I can add more liner or color…but for everyday, my eyes are ready to answer the door for the UPS guy…unashamed!

Not only that, putting on my “game face” takes less time and effort. (And now that I’ve seen photos of Michele’s work with permanent lip color, I’m tempted. What freedom not having to apply and re-apply lipstick all day! Hmmmm.)

FYI. Michele Little owns Pacificoast Cosmetics. She’s been practicing the art of cosmetic tattooing since 1992. She has a solid background in cosmetology, color theory and commercial art training.

In addition to lash lines, eyebrows and lips, Michele is also skilled in areola tattooing following breast cancer treatment.

But, whomever you choose for your procedure, make sure he or she is licensed, uses strict sterilizing techniques and has lots of experience. In the right hands, you’ll stay healthy and be happy with the results.

(Just wish I’d done it ten years ago!)


Excellent work! Couldn’t be happier with the results! Will definitely tell my family and friends to go see Michele Little.

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